Dating daily

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Dating daily

This is likely to happen when someone is dating more than one person at a time.It's when someone agrees to a date, before rescheduling - probably on more than one occasion.It is a term used to describe how someone you're dating won't invite you to meet their friends or family - despite the fact that they've met the people in your life, the Metro reported.Alarm bells should ring if you're the victim of 'stashing', as it probably means they don't consider you to be a potential long-term partner.It’s that cold period between October and February when staying in - and 'cuffing' yourself to one other person - is more appealing than going out.

It can happen when you’ve met up a few times, or even after things get serious.

But she says that you should definitely question them on why they've not introduced you yet, if they've already met your friends.'They might say something like "my friends are crazy, you won't like them", but you can always ask to meet one or two of their friends, or their friends who are in relationships,' she said.

If they still won't agree to let you meet them after discussing it, then alarm bells should be ringing.

Dating expert Jo Hemmings told FEMAIL: 'It's the point when you've embraced someone into your life, but they haven't welcome you into the fold.

'Most likely it's because you're being played a bit.

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Dating has become a social minefield, with terms like 'ghosting' and 'breadcrumbing' to get your head around.

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